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Australia: The Beauty Island

Posted on 13 January 2018 by admin (0)

Australia is one of the most popular countries in the world, most well known for it’s beautiful scenery and background, it’s wide variety of exotic animals and it’s scorching climate. Australia has a massive population of approximately twenty four million people. Most of the population resides in the major cities situated on the eastern coastline. Australia is it’s own continent and has an area of almost eight million squared kilometers, similar to the size of the Brazil.

It’s located south of Asia and is an island near Indonesia and New Zealand. Because of the vast beauty and wonder of this area, it attracts thousands of eager tourists each year. It is highly appealing to tourists and visitors because of the major amount of unrivaled services and influential landmarks. One major point of Australia is the beautiful animal habitats and the large variety of exoctic species.

Australia has a large amount of species and animals native to the area including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies and platypus. Because of this fact, it attracts animal lovers from all over the world to be able to see these cute animals in close. Due to the large amount of exotic animals, there are many animal preservation groups around the country fighting for fair rights for wild animals. They are very common and work incredibly hard for these animals. Partly, because of their efforts laws have been created in Australia preventing the hunting and poaching of endangered animals and species.

Australia is also an amazing place for the sport enthusiast. Here they hold countless world class high performance sport events. The Australian Open, a major tennis grand slam, is held in Melbourne attracting the best tennis stars in the world. For affordable prices you can watch the best professionals facing off throughout the difficult conditions. Another prestigious tennis tournament held in Australia is the Brisbane Open. Even though it isn’t as pre esteemed as the Australian Open it still holds exceptional levels of tennis in a smaller venue.

Another very popular sport in Australia is rugby. Their professional rugby team is exceptionally good and has great results on the world stage. There are also countless leagues in Australia for rugby which are open to the public to view. Here you can watch incredibly high tense competitive rugby in a great atmosphere. In Australia there is some of the most beautiful scenery and backgrounds in the entire world.

One activity which is life changing is exploring the coral reefs. Through scuba diving in an controlled, highly safe area you can view the true beauty of these reefs. As you are in the water the vibrant colours pop out at you and you can vividly see all the sea life there is down there. This experience is really life changing and helps you see the world in a new light. If you are lucky you can even see a dolphin or sea turtle swimming in the ocean undisturbed. Experiences like this are unforgettable and make life time memories. Australia is a beautiful tourist destination offering everything anyone has to ask for. It is a great place for all types of people and can change your life!